What the hell? When I just finished vacuuming early to go to "Arcade Town'' to play that new cool game "Invaders from Glorfingr 9" and what do I see as soon as I leave the house? A damn Alien Invasion! Today?! YES, TODAY!!!

NOT ON MY WATCH! I'll finally be able to test my new "Enhanced Plasma Plumbonic Vacuum & Shooter 3,140" to send those nasty aliens back to their galaxy so I can claim my place as the next king of "Arcade Town", heck maybe I'll get a whole bunch of free coins to play. 


  • Move: WASD keys
  • Aim: Mouse 
  • Vacuum Items and Enemy Projectiles: Right Mouse Button
  • Shoot Items: Left Mouse Button


Updated 7 days ago
Published 15 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorsZuelaBR, baraujo42, Jonhzera


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I love this! The art and theme is great. I'd love to see what actually got sucked up be spit back out, as well as some kind of ammo indicator. Super fun, rated!

Wow nice! I love your on the theme! However it is a bit too difficult at least for me

Nice! Really love the idea of using the enemies' bullets against them!

I love the sucking and shooting of trash and bullets.

The whole thing looks great visually as well.